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Kingdom Honey VIP integrated food for men which delay the ejaculation increases desire and turning it into real vitality 

product features

  • Increases sexual desire.
  • Strengthens the erection without feeling tired.
  • Boosts self confidence due to a stable sexual performance.
  • Increases testosterone levels.
  • Decreases prostate issues and illnesses in the man’s productive system.

Kingdom Honey (20 g × 12)

$60.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
    • Tribulus Terrestris :         0.2g
    • Leledlum Peruvianum (Maca Roots) :  0.2g
    • Eurycoma Longifolia Tongkat Ali :    0.2g
    • Panax Ginseng :              0.2g
    • Pure Honey :                   19.2g

      Leledlum Peruvianum (Maca Roots)
      Maca was domesticated at least 1,300 to 2,000 years ago and has been used commonly as a food by native Andean people because of its high nutritional value as well as to enhance fertility and sexual performance. Indigenous people used maca to treat numerous conditions including anemia, tuberculosis, sterility, and fatigue. Ethnobotanical studies document the use of maca for depression, and cancer, as well as for menstrual and sexual disorders.

      Tongkat Ali Roots
      -stimulates Testicular and adrenal cortex the secretion of more male hormone (testosterone)
      -Laboratory studies have shown that a stick improves the general characteristics of a man's sperm because it increases the number, size, movement and efficiency of sperm in men, while increasing the number of eggs released from the female's ovaries. .

      Panax Ginseng
      Roots Oral ginseng helped improve sexual function .Taking ginseng powder contributes to improving sexual arousal and satisfaction in women after menopause. Also, improve the sexual desire of women.

      Pure Honey
      This vital energetic nutrient collected from our quality-controlled hives is the revered honey. It contains about 40% fructose, 26% glucose, 4.5% maltose and 1.5% sucrose. Such pure honey is recommended as a sugar substitute, especially because of its high content of quickly assimilated fructose. Fructose (40%) is a quick source of energy and does not need insulin to function. Our honey is a dietary antioxidant specially against oxidation of bad LDL cholesterol and fat. Our honey is a nutraceutical with antimicrobial activity.

      Tribulus Terrestris
      tribulus for conditions such as chest pain, eczema, enlarged prostate, sexual disorders, infertility