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Dosevital | Vital Honey malaysia : 
vital honey for men VIP where the strength and hardness and integrated food for young people and the elderly, which delay the ejaculation and maintain the performance of strong and distinct sexual prolonging the period of intercourse and erection , arousing lust and sexual feelings gives self-confidence and desire to repeat activity.

Vital Honey New*

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  • Vital Honey VIP DoseVital Malaysia

    • Mountain Honey     96%
    • Caviar Powder       1.5%
    • Tongkat Ali Root    1.5%
    • Cinnamon Powder 1%
    • It gives the body an abnormal energy, known as a strong sexual tonic, and is a prescription for the treatment of sexual problems.
    • Increases the intensity of the man in a double and especially the red caviar.
    • The latest Russian studies have proved this after several experiments because of the abundance of phosphorus in the red caviar, which protects and increases semen in the penis.
    • The caviar is an easily digestible food rich in vitamin A and elastin and gives 100 grams of it 240 calories and eating eggs fish benefit the body in terms of reducing the level of body fat and reduce the proportion of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood and benefit patients of the circulatory system and benefits pregnant women and children and the whole family and protect Eating fish from some human diseases and treating some of them.
      Tongkat Ali Root
    • stimulates Testicular and adrenal cortex the secretion of more male hormone (testosterone)
    • Laboratory studies have shown that a stick improves the general characteristics of a man's sperm because it increases the number, size, movement and efficiency of sperm in men, while increasing the number of eggs released from the female's ovaries. .
    • Cinnamon improves the performance of the heart and blood vessels and this makes it the secret of happiness and access to the relationship of sexual full and healthy

    • Enlargement and expansion of blood vessels thus reducing blood pressure.

    • Cinnamon contains polymers, including methylhydroxycalcone, which works
      As regulating the levels of sugar in the human body when we eat cinnamon What is obtained in the body is:

      To replace the process of storing sugar and accumulation to burn and turn it into energy that manages and gives sexual life a boost, strength and vitality.